Zainab Aliyu

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This web experiment seeks to locate the power in physically negotiating obfuscation. Through the metaphor of the lenticular—a technology revealing multiple images that can be accessed from different angles—this project exposes concealed narratives, distortions, and illusions that uphold oppressive systems...keep reading. Lenticular Temporalities draws inspiration from Audre Lorde, Tara McPherson, and Situationist practice to foreground an alternate imaginary of entangled time influenced by non-Western ways of being. By critically engaging with power dynamics across various contexts, the series posits a queer reality of multiplicity and new form of power that holds spaces of transition as an opportunity for accountability and encourages us to break away from normative binaries and scarcity mentalities inherent in capitalist ideology. This web experiment is the first published work within an ongoing series of multimedia artworks (including a forthcoming essay, video, sculptures and printed matter) called Lenticular Temporalities.

instructions: (1) enable camera access. (2) move your body. (3) use < and > keys to navigate between scenes.

Lenticular Temporalities
negotiating obfuscation
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