Erode is a collection that unpacks the notion of creeping normality to reflect upon social oppression and perennial environmental degradation. Drawing links between the desensitization of continued police brutality in the United States and the accelerated effects of the global climate crisis, the line offers a metaphor cautioning cognizance of gradual change, lest we suffer eventually undesirable consequences. Elements within the line progress in an evolutionary manner and transition from one extreme to another in a seamless fashion, appearing through minimal yet deliberate alterations.
Erode explores cultural, political and environmental landscapes that are continuously in flux through the use of black, white, and an organically manipulated grid structure, highlighting the juxtaposition between structure and fluidity, as rigid structured elements break down and transition into flexible and fluid features. The collection seeks to reflect upon the gradual change that occurs over time to the point where the outcome is in complete opposition of the source, and yet doesn’t fully contradict, but subtly compliments.
Individual pieces

role Soft fabrication, rapid prototyping, fashion design, visual design, illustration

duration 6 months

contributors Kate Werth, Jonathan Lopez, Zainab Aliyu

selected press

"Carnegie Mellon students of many disciplines invent, build Lunar Gala’s fashion creations" Trib Live, February 2016

"Lunar Gala 2016 is absolutely stunning" The Tartan, February 2016

"But What The Hell Was Lunar Gala?" The Odyssey, February 2016

"Lunar Gala" Carnegie Mellon University News, February 2016

"CMU’S Lunar Gala Celebrates 20 Years In The Burgh" NakYouOut, February 2016