Black Girl Magik
I'm the Creative Director and a collective member of Black Girl Magik, a collective of artists and community organizers seeking to heal the collective consciousness and generational trauma across the African diaspora through community (de)programming and creative productions. Our practice begins with a reflection into themes that we believe to be cornerstones of our diasporic experience. It continues with an invitation for the community to investigate these matters with us through communal healing and coalition building.
01 —
identity system
Ancestral connection is at the root of what we do. Our identity pays homage to our ancestors and draws upon the traditional beliefs of orishas in Yorùbá-based (Nigeria) religions that are said to govern the various forces of nature, as well as the energy centers (chakras) of the body. Sacred geometry, which contends that the essential building blocks of our universe depend on arithmetic form and has been used to facilitate healing and meditation, also informs our visual language. We attribute these concepts to our content focuses and utilize them to guide our identity system and its interdependencies.
02 —
our stories
Referring to the social and political formation of Black women who congregate to engage in a practice of communal care, our platform is an exploration of how marginalized communities can use technology to empower themselves. We take on a "for us by us" approach to space-making that intends to unsettle current structures of power and reduce a monolithic understanding of our collective experiences. One of the ways we seek to speak through and to this multifaceted lens is by amplifying narratives within our community through easily digestible, curated and self-authored collections.

role Creative direction, interaction design, web development, experience design, event production, visual design

duration Ongoing

selected press

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